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Diesel Power Tuning: TDi, TD4, TD5, HDi, CDi, CD, D...

Diesel Power Tuning: TDi, TD4, TD5, HDi, CDi, CD, D...

We can make any modern diesel go better

  • Our state of the art in house testing facility handles engine management control units and other components.
  • We Are Equipped - We are able to program a 'DPT' tuning box for your vehicle and fit if required, to give bhp and torque increases in the order of 20%, We also offer ECU modified programming for all BMW to increase power and driveability , Making the 'Ultimate driving machine' even better than when it drove out of the showroom.
  • We Are Experienced - Our long standing association with Bosch gives us access to the very best in technical information and parts from the world's largest manufacturer of automotive electronic systems.
  • We have testing and cleaning facilities for all petrol injectors, refurbished at a fraction of new component prices.
  • Our 'Terraclean' service offers a noticable iimprovement in performance and emissions at a very affordable price, well worth incorporating into your yearly service schedule.f

Please contact us so that we can provide you with a quote. Book online to get more HP and better MPG from your engine.