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Terraclean Decarbonising

TerraClean technology is the most significant step forward in fuel decarbonising technology we have seen in the UK. Most solutions involve a chemical which is added to the existing fuel, Therein lies the problem as it is the fuel we use which includes the chemical componenets which, during the combustion process, develop the carbon deposits and contaminate our systems resulting in reduced engine efficiency, poor MPG and increased emissions.
TerraClean is a unique technology, developed by Canadian Physicists whilst researching zero emission vehicles, they discovered that the technology they had developed contributed to a significant reduction in carbon within the combustion area of the engine.

.A reverse engineering exercise was then conducted to identify why the TerraClean process had cleaned the engine. Also they extended the technology to consider how to develop it further to decarbonise an engine and the entire fuel system.

TerraClean is a revolutionary, advanced and effective decarbonisation solution to this problem, ideal for today's high compression, multi-valve, direct injection, petrol engines.

TerraCleanl now also offers an effective solution from the same experts for cleaning of fuel systems on modern, high performance diesel engines.

As Fuel Injection Specialists with many years experience, we are well aware of the problems associated with todays modern lean burn engines.
Carbon and soot build up from the EGR system
Injector fouling
Induction and Exhaust system restrictions.
Turbocharger control problems.
DPF restrictions.

We are now able to offer our customers a 'Terraclean Service' for both Petrol and Diesel engines.
This is a very affordable way of restoring performance and emissions to levels similar to when the car was new.
Prices-All including VAT
All engines up to 1.6ltr £99.50
All engines over 1.6ltr £110.00

Use our online booking form or give us a ring on 01642 617626 to book your vehicle in for a 'Terraclean Service', you will not be dissapointed.

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Terraclean Decarbonising